videogame genres; horror games 

“The 3 types of terror: The Gross-out: the sight of a severed head tumbling down a flight of stairs, it’s when the lights go out and something green and slimy splatters against your arm. The Horror: the unnatural, spiders the size of bears, the dead waking up and walking around, it’s when the lights go out and something with claws grabs you by the arm. And the last and worse one: Terror, when you come home and notice everything you own had been taken away and replaced by an exact substitute. It’s when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there…” 

Happy Canada Day!
Fun Facts that make Canada awesome:
Same-Sex marriage is legalized in the ENTIRE country.
Since 1790, the US has had 16 banking crises and Canada has had zero. (Source)
Canada ranks 5th on the human freedom index (US is ranked 7th) (Source / PDF)
Canada is the 3rd best place to live. (Source)
Canada is the 2nd most educated country (Source)
Ranked #9 for least corrupt country (tied with Australia) (Source)
Canadians get paid maternity leave. (source)
Canada got rid of the penny (Source)
Rank 18 on Press Freedom Index (US is 46th) (Source)
8th (as of 2013) most peaceful country. (Source)
Ranks 7th on the Social Progress Index (2014) (Source) (Source2)
Canada’s middle class is now the world’s richest [middle class] (Source)

Mom, this might be my last chance to tell you I love you.

A text from a high school student who was aboard the ferry that capsized today off South Korea’s southern coast. Four passengers were killed, 55 were injured and more than 280 are missing. (via latimes)